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  1. Deventer Hooligans

    Report from Eagles side:
    Big group of around 250 (Hooligans, fanatics and other scum) guys made the trip to Emmen in the early afternoon, as our own stadium gets renovated. Fradi where somewhere close by with around 80 guys. When we tried to get at them the riot police blocked the road. A short clash with the police but couldn’t get trough. Around 6 we went on the way to the stadium, when we heard that Fradi was also on the move. We met at the Town Hall square. First clash the police was not ready yet and it was short full contact, where Fradi had to move back. Police interrupted and we got in a fight with the police, until some guys saw that the right side was totally open and no police and attacked Fradi from there. They where directly on their toes, except around 10-15 good fighters. Police directly attacked us. Driving in on us with their vans and the undercover cops totally maniac trying to arrest guys. A group of 20 got isolated by the police but released later on. In total 8 guys where arrested, where one of them is still in custody. During and after the match nothing happened anymore between us. Fradi got escorted to the German boarder and our group outside Emmen.

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