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Brøndbi IF – Skovbakken 03.12.2014, ultras with great show for 50th anniversart of Brøndby

Ultras from Brøndby made banner, card display and pyro to celebrate their club! Wednesday evening, 03.12.2014, Brøndby played a match from Danish Cup against Skovbakken. Exactly 50 years after the foundation of the club! Fans of Brøndby celebrated this special day with a great banner, card display and pyro.

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Boca Juniors hooligans batter female River fan in front of her daughter?! 28.11.2014

These horrific images show the life-changing injuries inflicted on an Argentinian mother by football thugs who attacked her in front of her eight-year-old daughter after a match. Lorena Sabio, from Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, took her daughter Altea to watch the clash between fierce rivals Boca Juniors and her local side River Plate. But their day out turned into …

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Spanish hooligans face 5 year ban after deadly brawl before match Atletico – Deportivo

Eighty-eight hooligans involved in a deadly brawl less than a mile from Atletico Madrid’s stadium face a five-year ban from attending matches. Francisco Romero, a 43-year-old supporter of Deportivo La Coruna, was killed in the Nov. 30 fight after being hit with a bar and thrown into a river. The clashes took place about four hours before a Spanish league …

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Hooligans in Argentina killed player from 3rd Division 04.12.2014

A 33-year old Argentine football player died from injuries sustained when hooligans of a rival team attacked him after a game. Franco Nieto was the captain of a lower-division football club called Tiro Federal. He was reportedly attacked by hooligans who punched, kicked and hit him with a stone in front of his wife and one-month-old daughter. Nieto’s cousin told …

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