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Daily Archives: August 15, 2017

Small clashes during derby match: Hradec Králové vs. Pardubice 14.08.2017

Czech Republic 14.08.2017 Derby match: Hradec Králové vs. Pardubice After almost 9 months of the boycott, the Hradec Králové fans returned to the stadium. They had a conflict with the management of the club. During this match they also showed dislike to the management, and displays banners against them. Security and cops reacted quickly and they clash with local fans. …

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Troubles during Hansa Rostock – Hertha BSC 14.08.2017

German Cup: Hansa Rostock vs. Hertha BSC 15.08.2017 Troubles started when fans of Hans Rostock shows and burn the stolen Hertha BSC flag. The flag was stolen 3 years ago from warehouse and no one from Hertha knew who did it…until to this match. Due to firing pyrotechnics the match was stopped 2 times.   In the picture the flag which was …

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