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Daily Archives: March 21, 2018

Arranged fight between CSKA Sofia leader and Sofia-West member (Levski) 21.03.2018

Everything started 3 days ago at the Bulgarian derby match between CSKA Sofia – Levski Sofia which took place on 18.03.2018 On the banners, the member of the group ‘Sofia West’ (Levski) challenged the leader of ‘Animals’ (CSKA) to fight 1 on 1. Today the challenge was accepted and there was a fight between them. The leader of ‘Animals’ won …

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Soon the film’s premiere “Niebieskie Chachary” (“Blue Hools”)

Poland: Movie about Ruch Chorzow fanatics. Work on the movie “Niebieskie Chachary” (“Blue Hools”) began equally 10 years ago and … finally come to an end! We are pleased to announce that preparations for the premiere are in progress, scheduled for the second half of May this year. – The movie is in the final phase. We will finish the last …

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