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Supporters dies after being thrown from the stands in Argentina

A 22-year-old Argentinian supporter Emanuel Balbo passed away today in hospital after he was thrown from the stands during the half time of the derby in Crodoba between Belgrano and Talleres, last Saturday. Video footage shows he was forced down the terraces to avoid more violence and pushed over the stands to a concrete staircase below. Balbo was left in …

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Boca Juniors hooligans batter female River fan in front of her daughter?! 28.11.2014

These horrific images show the life-changing injuries inflicted on an Argentinian mother by football thugs who attacked her in front of her eight-year-old daughter after a match. Lorena Sabio, from Tres de Febrero, Buenos Aires, took her daughter Altea to watch the clash between fierce rivals Boca Juniors and her local side River Plate. But their day out turned into …

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Hooligans in Argentina killed player from 3rd Division 04.12.2014

A 33-year old Argentine football player died from injuries sustained when hooligans of a rival team attacked him after a game. Franco Nieto was the captain of a lower-division football club called Tiro Federal. He was reportedly attacked by hooligans who punched, kicked and hit him with a stone in front of his wife and one-month-old daughter. Nieto’s cousin told …

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River Plate hooligans attacked rivals gang, wounded three people 26.11.2014

Buenos Aires, Argentina: About 100 hooligans armed with sticks and knives wounded three men and caused mayhem when they charged into the coffee bar at River Plate’s Monumental stadium in a frenzied attack on members of a rival gang. Some shouted “Where is he? We’re going to kill him” as they charged through the bar hitting people, knocking over chairs …

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One more fan was shot in the argentinian capital Buenos Aires

The riots between hooligans in Argentina took fourth victim last week after a fan was shot and died in a neighborhood of the capital Buenos Aires. Hooligans clashed near Itusaingo stadium before the match against Vittoriano Arenas from Local Fifth Division. In the incident, a man was killed and three policemen were injured, but non-life threatening. The suspects were arrested …

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HooligansTube: Argentinan match decends into absolute chaos – 12 red cards and riot police

There were crazy scenes in the Argentine Torneo Federal on Wednesday, as 12 players were sent off in the Deportivo Roca v Cipolletti match. Cipolletti were 1-0 up when Marcos Lamolla was booked for a challenge, to which Deportivo’s Fernando Fernandez reacts and gets dismissed. Lamolla gets a second yellow and reacts by charging up the pitch to attack Fernandez. …

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Rosario Central – Newell’s Old Boys 19.10.14, great atmosphere

It seemed an issue in peace in the Derby of Rosario, but no. A fan of Central of 39 years died after being shot by criminals dressed with clothes of Newell’s, after the classic that was played in “Arroyito”. The crime occurred in the western part of the city, when the man was celebrating the triumph “Rosarino” with his little …

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