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Teddy Boys ’95 from Legia Warsaw

The history of the “Teddy Boys ’95” group dates back to the mid-eighties of the last century, when several of the future “TB’95” began to regularly go to the matches of Legia Warsaw and travel with its supporters around Poland. Previously, the previous generation of fanatics, gitowców, who were exterminating youth subcultures (eg hippies, pop-ups, punks, etc.) led the stadiums. Most of them are no longer in the legionnaire for various reasons.

The rest mainly glorify their achievements, believing that no one can verify this. The truth was that old “travelers” actually had to have eggs (militia in the stressful situation was the first to break from the meeting of two feuding camps), but opinions of “elders”, now that football fanatics were easier (order [read: fans ] is being watched by a reformed, and thus a bit more agile police, etc.) are ridiculous because each stick has two ends. At present, you have to be hard-pressed to overcome the new problems (the police). The situation with an unusual hobby, which is undoubtedly named in the “previous decade” by the communist mass media, “hooliganism” has changed as … everything else. The predecessor of the current police was often helpless, and almost everywhere the citizens of Warsaw were unwelcome. It should be added that earlier on most trips legii fans went regularly (thank goodness for it!), But for reasons, let’s call it, security they preferred not to reveal. This situation changed in the eighties.
Nineties of the twentieth century

From the beginning of the nineties, “angry young” remembering the “elders” incomprehensible practices of robbing selected, “weak young” (the latter had to share with their older “away” budget, equipment, etc.) and watching the sudden “remission” on the grid elaboration by the elders decided to organize themselves in their own circle. One of the few new sets that deserved to be mentioned was “Stopper’s Gang ’89”, which from 1990 to 1995 did not record (probably!) Any slip-ups (read spanking), and during his “bandit” activity he let himself be known to many groups ” visitors “. His strongest side were trips and attractions related to them. The future “TB” made their accession to this group, but due to the suspension of the members’ and “SG’89” activity (its leader withdrew, due to objective reasons) they went in the opposite direction and fed “Teddy Boys ’95”!

Year 1995
The first – not quite – hit composition of the group “Teddy Boys” formed people from the witness of home extremists, but the “tailor section” (they sewed both flags) from Legionowo (pretty name of the place, does not) did not work completely in the basic, “statutory” group activities (discredit on the trip to Pniewy). The situation was different with the core of the team coming from Warsaw. This time he grew robust and after successful transfers from “Wild Boys”, the previously mentioned “Stopper’s Gang” and other informal groups, he began to clearly and more clearly mark his place on the hooligan map of Poland and then Europe.
Every year the squad is shuffled, and it has been influenced by such movements as transfers of the most radical players from the groups: “Withe Legion”, “Tourists’97” and others, but as usual, the team also records losses. Tragic events have eliminated a group of outstanding boys from our family permanently, others have to rest as a result of the activities of the known ministry.
Quarrel and consent!
“Teddy Boys ’95 vs” Elders ”
Art. Pt. “Consent to Legia” in “FAN / SILESIA” No. 14 (81) of December 5, 2001.

The fans and hooligans of the Warsaw Legia have recently had a meeting together, which states that from that moment everyone does their own and some do not disturb the other in their own games. No sharp conversations were avoided. Ultimately, at least formally, it was agreed that the end with divisions. And the divisions were big. In Radomsko, “GR” was entrenched by the Warsaw hooligans. He later had a grudge against the entrenching (which is understandable), he also had a grudge against his colleagues who did not help him in this situation. In Radomsk, “GR” was not the only one hampered by Warsaw hools. A year earlier at the match in Warsaw there was also a brawl of a representative of football fans and hooligans. Then, among others two chate entry and one wedding break. There were many other, minor scuffles. The list of wrongs is long, the number of fans cheered by the hools – even longer. Now it is stated that all these lists are non-existent. ”
Sympathy “Teddy Boys ’95”
Sharp players! *
(ADO H) FC Den Haag (HJK)
LAZIO Rome (I)
Paris Saint Germain (BB)
POGOŃ Szczecin (TC)
ZAGŁĘBIE Sosnowiec (BB)
several other capitalist, right-wing (also CWB + SB)
and bandits, dealers, gangsters, smugglers, thieves, etc.

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