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Interesting night before Hungary – Romania 03.09.2015

Clashes before the match: Hungary vs. Romania

Yesterday evening (the night before the game) about 300 Hungarian hooligans from across the country gathered in Budapest, hoping for a confrontation with the Romanians, but motorized patrols of Hungarians however did not find the enemy on the streets. So hooligans went in the direction of the hotel where supposedly were Romanians.
En route was beaten several single fans from Romania. When the police saw it, quickly moved into action. Then clashes broke with cops.

Hungarian hooligans



From today.
Different Romanian groups before match on the way to Hungary. Steaua, Cluj, Dinamo, Brasov, Rapid…


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  1. surely this is a mistitled upload
    this was a gay march not football hooligans. you can see this by there stereotypical homosexual look[right said fred thing going on!]

    im sure that’s even more scary to romanians

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