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Hungarian ultras and hooligans: “Defending our borders: Waiting for orders”

Message from Hungarian ultras and hooligans:

“Aggressive refugees are attacking our borders. Some of them may be refugees who want mosques instead of churches and burka instead of skirts.

We need to defend our country and Europe again like we always did in our 1000 years old history even if we will not get nothing in return like before..

We have to put our differences aside with the police, politicians, different political parties, bankers and we should be ready.

We are informing Áder János ( President of Hungary) that more than 1000 of Hungarian ultras are ready to defend the borders.

If we get orders then we will defend our border with or without weapons. We will be available everywhere and anytime.

Every ultra is preparing to defend the borders and if there will be orders, then all of us will be there.

Law in Hungary:
(1) Every Hungarian has a duty to defend the country”

Source: hunmob.com


  1. Kickers_Offenbach_ASF

    Much Respekt and Honor to Hungarians from Germany. You are defending whole Europe these days but our politicans are to stupid to accept the reality.

  2. Respect from Scotland.

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