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Hundreds of DNS-analysis because of president of Ferencváros

Detectives analysed 380 DNA sample, they checked call histories and they even looked up bus drivers because Kubatov Gábor ( president of Ferencváros, member of FIDESZ) was feeling threatened and he felt that his family was in danger. For this reason he asked detectives and the police to investigate about the situation.

According to a Hungarian newspaper, Kubatov Gábor launched an investigation in two different cases. One of the case was when around the house of Kubatov, there was a banner which said ” Our soul is at the stands and your soul is in a death row” and the other case was because of the “threats” on the internet.

The Hungarian newspaper also mentions that on this case, the Hungarian “FBI” was the one who was carrying out the investigations and the authorities asked them for 378 samples which was 3 million HUF. This was not enough so the detectives also asked phone services to give them data about the call history during the day when the banner was raised and they also asked the Transport office of Budapest to search bus drivers.

The newspaper also mentions that Kubatov Gábor gave a list to the detectives which was a lot of information about some supporters and this included a lot of different names and in some cases even phone numbers. The information also had specific information about the date of birth, nicknames and etc. Even after spending this much money, they didn’t actually find anyone to blame it on.

About the “threats” on the internet, the detectives asked several people for evidence and they even asked one of the operators of Facebook to gave them the IP-address which is used for the Facebook accounts. They also had interrogation with a person who was an editor of an old website and the previous owner of that domain. According to the newspaper, the detectives actually found two person guilty and the prosecutors decided to prosecute these people.

Source: hungaryultras.blogspot.hu

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