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Fight before Brøndby IF – Hajduk Split 27.07.2017

Europa League: Brøndby IF – Hajduk Split

Denmark : The night before the match to Brøndby came, in search of “adventures”, supporters of Hajduk Split. However, nothing happened, because the police quickly tracked a large group of Torcida walking in the streets. Next day to Hajduk Split joined Górnik Zabrze (friends from Poland)

The first clashes took place, just before the match, near the stadium, where Brøndby lads clash with around 20 guys from Gónik Zabrze. According to the locals , Górnik run away. After that, Polish lads make a phone call to Brøndby, for arranged fight, Górnik Zabrze choose the numbers, but does not appear on the spot, where Brøndby was waiting for them. The fight was supposed to be 60×60.

Torcida (Hajduk Split) the night before the game in Brøndby.

Day of the match: clash near the stadium between Brøndby and Górnik Zabrze.

After the match: Brøndby hooligans at place waiting for arranged fight. Torcida did not show up.

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