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Suit – boutique of elegance and innovation

Suit is a project born in 1995 from a long history of craftsmanship and the passion of its founder Gianfranco Bray for elegance and innovation. The project over the years, from the local reality of the boutique, has evolved into an international project keeping its roots intact.

Suit tells his vision of fashion, all over the world, through the eyes of his territory: the Salento. In 2020, suitnegozi.com comes to life, the online shop aims to project its vision of fashion in the world. More than 100 designers contribute to the creation of our catalog, a wide selection of products that adapt to every style and every taste.

In suitnegozi.com you will find the collections of numerous Italian and International brands choosen to best satisfy all tastes: clothing, bag, accessories and footwear in classic, casual, sports, lifestyle and ceremonial styles.

www.suitnegozi.com Is a top online luxury fashion destination worldwide shipping.

The mission of the company is to make their customer feel the wonderful sensation of seeing their expectations realized.


Since the 1995s the company has been based in South of Italy, where the boutiques are still located.

Lecce is a real open-air museum, many great personalities of fashion, and not only, have appreciated the warm colors and splendor of its views from the great visual and emotional impact. From this territorial context Suit comes to life and welcomes its customers in an environment that immediately communicates its identity in a style that combines tradition and avant-garde.

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