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“Misiek” – the leader of “Wisła Sharks” – began to cooperate with the Polish police.

According to the large Polish portal tvn24.pl, “Misiek” – the leader and fouder of “Wisła Sharks” hooligan group – began to cooperate with the Polish police.

As writes tvn24.pl, thanks to the testimonies of “Misek”, the Polish police on Tuesday (16.04.2019) arrested 16 people mainly associated with “Wisła Sharks”, but also other people,

Among the 16 detainees, there is a former vice president of Wisła Kraków, and one person associated with the hooligan group of Lechia Gdańsk.

On Wednesday, the Polish police also planned to stop the leader of “Jude Gang” (Cracovia), but he managed to escape from Poland.

16 detainees were accused of drug trafficking. 170 policemen took part in this operation, and further arrests are planned.

Video from the police operation. 16.04.2019

Tuesday’s police operation was another big action aimed at “Wisła Sharks”.

In May 2018, the Polish police made the first large action against “Wisła Sharks”. Then, several dozen people were arrested related to the hooligans of Wisła Kraków and Ruch Chorzów. “Misiek” the leader of “Wisla Sharks” escaped two days before this police action to Italy. In October 2018 he was caught in Italy and transported to a Polish prison, where, as it turned out, he began to cooperate with the police.

The first time about “Misiek” became loud in 1998, when during the match Wisła Kraków – AC Parma, he hit Dino Baggio with a knife in his head, and then he was sentenced to 6.5 years in prison.

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