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Euro 2016: Lokomotiv Moscow attacked England fans 10.06.2016

Group of about 20 men (Lokomotiv Moscow fans) attacked one of the English mobs gathered in Marseille.

Unfortunately, cops quickly stop the play and used tear gas to separate the two groups.

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Lokomotiv Moscow from England fans




  1. Good job, Loko!

  2. Good job! greetings from Poland šŸ˜‰

  3. Both firms should better unite for chasing the fucking arabs/moslems out of Marseille!

  4. They took a flag that was left behind cause the police moved them, it’s not hard to attack fans who aren’t hooligans, fucking pussies, with gay shorts, they look like a bunch gay strippers hahaha.

  5. I’m russian, but I also think that such behavior of russian fans is terrible and disrespectful to others. Unfortunately, there are insane people who spoil everything. Please, dont’t think that all russians are the same. I think that russian fans who did it must be punished

  6. Fucking russian box head tossers most of englands lads are banned wankrrs

  7. 20 onto 1, stamping on the unconscious scarfers, hitting women, children and pissed up football fans and stealing a few flags! What a great fucking achievement that is. Wait till you come up against a proper English firm and see how you fare. Bum bags and short shorts…. that is a crime in itself you weird looking fucks

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