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CSKA Sofia Animals’s leader beaten by Levski hooligans in nightclub

A week ago at Sunny Beach, a popular seaside resort in Bulgaria, hooligans from Animals (CSKA Sofia) and Sofia West (Levski) met in night club. The leader of the Animals – Rosen – with a broken nose and arm. Rumors have been for 10 x 15.


The history of the conflict begins few months earlier, when Rosen was interviewed on TV, saying that Levski fights are dirty, with no respect for opponents, and that CSKA will always win if there are fair fights. After the interview the leader of Sofia West asked and offered him for 100 × 100, but Rosen said that he can not at the moment. Offer for 50 x 50 also was refused.

On the next derby Sector B replied with banner “Rosen, you give an interview, but you cant find 50 pigs for a fight”?

During the fight in the nightclub Animals member used pepper gas, which is reflected in the title of the banner, but it did not help. Now CSKA side wants revenge.

On last Levski match against Beroe in Stara Zagora, blues showed transperant with message to Animals and their friends from Alcatraz – “Animals (CSKA Sofia) & Alcatraz (Partizan) – faggot next to faggot”

You can read more about friendship between Animals and Alcatraz here:

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  1. Blue cunts… Why aren’t you telling that the fight started with 3 of our boys and 10 of theirs. Stupid pussy!

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