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6 of the most dangerous hooligans in Italy

Italian football is often the center of the attention because of clashes outside the stadium between the various groups of hooligans. The memory of the incidents in the capital, during the final of the Italian Cup between fans of Rome and Naples is still alive.

In Italy the clashes occur more and more often, especially when you have to “meet” the most dangerous supporters. We wanted to create a list of the more radical supporters, according to some statistics and reports from last years.

The peculiarity is that the rival fans often come together to lash out against the police. Exactly the police is the common enemy who unites different ultras and hooligans in whole Italy. Here is the report we made, its NOT rating list. If you have any other opinions, please feel free to share it in comments.

The ultras from Curva A are among the most extreme in Italy. In addition, the general hatred of all other hooligans in Italy makes every Napoli match with high risk.

There are many clashes with the protagonists from Neapol: mainly against Roma, Fiorentina and Juventus. If we go back in time, even against Salerno, Napoli hooligans created one the most dangerous fights in italian hooligans history.

Many fans call “heavy” the air that you breathe in Verona. The trip in Veneto becomes increasingly difficult for many supporters, who fear the evil Brigades Gialloblu.

In the past there were also incidents between hooligan organization “Hot and nasty” of Verona and the opponents. The Verona ultras never enjoyed the sympathy of the other Italian supporters.

One of the biggest fears for police are the Drunks of Catania. The Sicillian ultras became the protagonists of some clashes with rivals from Verona and became “famous” becouse of the fight against police, after the match against Palermo.

During the riots in that night hooligans from Catania killed the police officer and the Catania stadium closed doors for whole season. The entire Seria A was suspended after those incidents.
Incidenti ultras

Irriducibili are considered among the most “evil” of Italian football. The ultras of Lazio in fact – with “sympathies” fascist – are often at the center of violent clashes with other fans in Italy and in Europe.

Biggest fights are in the derby with Roma. Hooligans from Lazio dont miss the chance for “fun” also against smaller enemies even in friendly games. For example this summer, Lazio fans started confrontation with the ultras of Perugia during a friendly match between the two teams.

The other part of Rome is not less dangerous. All fights of Roma hooligans are memorable. Last game against Napoli in the Italian Cup final took its victim. Fan of Naples was killed in riots before the game. Article about this incident HERE.

Hooligans of Atlanta are one of the most famous in Italy. Many incidents and clashes are exactly between members of different fractions from Atalanta.

Last years the situation has improved, although some problems remain indoors. As for the fights with opposite fans are remembered clashes with those of Catania in 2009 and with Milan in 2012.


  1. what about milan fans, stabbed 66 supporters of ajax couple of years ago

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