Italian football frequently captures attention due to confrontations outside stadiums involving various hooligan groups. The memory of the clashes in the capital during the Italian Cup final between Rome and Naples fans remains vivid.

Such incidents are becoming more frequent in Italy, particularly when facing off against the most notorious supporters. We aimed to compile a list of the most radical supporters based on statistics and reports from recent years.

A notable aspect is that rival fans often unite to direct their aggression towards the police. The police serve as a common adversary, bringing together different ultras and hooligans across Italy. This report we’ve compiled is not a ranking list. If you have alternative perspectives, feel free to share them in the comments.


The ultras affiliated with Curva A stand out as some of the most radical in Italy. Furthermore, the pervasive animosity towards other hooligan groups in the country escalates the risk level in every Napoli match.

Numerous conflicts involve Napoli’s hooligans, particularly against rivals such as Roma, Fiorentina, and Juventus. Looking into the past, historical confrontations even occurred with Salerno, where Napoli hooligans were involved in one of the most perilous fights in Italian hooligan history.

Gennaro De Tommaso (‘Genny ‘a carogna’) durante la finale di Coppa Italia tra Fiorentina e Napoli allo stadio Olimpico di Roma, 4 maggio 2014. ANSA/ETTORE FERRARI


The atmosphere in Verona is often described as “intense” by many fans, creating a challenging environment for supporters traveling to the region. The feared Brigades Gialloblu contribute to the growing difficulty faced by many fans during their trips to Veneto.

Historically, there have been incidents involving the Verona-based hooligan organization known as the “Hot and nasty” and their clashes with opposing fans. The Verona ultras have never garnered much favor or sympathy from other Italian supporters.


The Drunks of Catania pose a significant concern for law enforcement, emerging as prominent figures in clashes with rival fans, particularly from Verona. Their notoriety escalated due to a high-profile confrontation with the police following a match against Palermo.

In the aftermath of the riots that night, Catania hooligans were responsible for the tragic death of a police officer, leading to the closure of the Catania stadium for the entire season. The severity of the situation prompted the suspension of the entire Serie A following these distressing incidents.


The Irriducibili are widely regarded as one of the most controversial groups in Italian football. The Lazio ultras, known for their fascist affiliations, frequently find themselves embroiled in violent confrontations with other fans, both within Italy and across Europe.

The most intense clashes often occur during the highly anticipated derby against Roma. Hooligans associated with Lazio don’t hesitate to engage in confrontations even with smaller opponents, extending their disruptive behavior to friendly matches. As an illustration, during a friendly game this summer, Lazio supporters initiated a confrontation with the ultras of Perugia, showcasing their inclination for trouble beyond traditional rivalries.


The other faction in Rome is equally perilous, with the hooligans associated with Roma known for engaging in memorable and often violent clashes. The recent Italian Cup final against Napoli left a lasting impact, as the riots preceding the game resulted in the tragic death of a Naples fan. Article about this incident HERE.


The hooligans affiliated with Atalanta are widely recognized as among the most notorious in Italy, frequently involved in incidents and confrontations, often among various factions within the Atalanta supporter base.

While there has been some improvement in the situation in recent years, certain issues persist within the fan community. Notable confrontations with opposing fans are still remembered, such as the clashes with Catania in 2009 and with Milan in 2012.

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