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The loss of a brother – Ciro with us!

The story of those who were there…

May 3, 2014. The day of the Italian Cup final: Fiorentina vs Napoli

4:00 p.m. Ultras Napoli (UN) go up in the cars, and they head towards Olympic stadium, Rome, the capital of Italy, where they will play the final. UN arrive in Rome, but there is a lot of traffic in the areas surrounding the stadium. UN arrive in Tor di Quinto area, but they remain locked in the traffic. Suddenly, UN heard some paper bombs and saw the smoke under some bus where there were no ultras but only families with children. UN get out from the cars and they see some guys who are throwing all those things that they felt. UN realize that those were ultras Roma who had tattoos on the skin. When they discovered that UN were reaching them, they began to flee. While everyone were running, one fell and showy in difficulty, he took pistol and he cried: I’ll kill you all! He shot at UN and struck Ciro. Fortunatly, the gun got stuck and UN could lock him.

Follow days of prayers for Ciro, from all over the world… Ciro fight like a lion for two months but unfortunately he can’t resist. Ciro died on June 25… of him remains the memory of a precious friend and the heroic act to defend bus of children.

“Ciro is here, and sing with us!”

3th May 2014

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Public Funeral of Ciro Esposito in Scampia

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  1. I know i’m 5 months behind, but RIP to this lad!


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