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Who Is Jenn Soto, Madeline Soto Mother? Family & Parents

Madeline Soto’s mother, Jenn Soto, is completely shattered after discovering that her missing 13-year-old daughter has been found dead.

There was great concern in Orange County when Madeline Soto, aged 13, disappeared suddenly after being last seen in Orlando on Monday morning, February 26, 2024.

The authorities, concerned for Madeline’s safety, searched everywhere to find her. More than 50 emergency response team members searched different places to find Madeline.

Madeline Soto Went Missing On February 26 Few Days After Her 13th Birthday
Madeline Soto Went Missing On February 26 Few Days After Her 13th Birthday (Source: Instagram)

Madeline’s disappearance sparked widespread concern, prompting the police to urge anyone with information to come forward immediately.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office led the investigation and appealed to the public for assistance.

Madeline, a 5 feet 1 inch tall blonde girl with blue eyes, was last seen wearing a green sweatshirt, black shorts, and white Crocs. Her family and friends anxiously awaited her to safely return home.

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Madeline Soto’s Mother, Parents, And Family

In Orange County, a mother’s worst fear comes true when Madeline Soto disappeared on Feb. 26, days after her 13th birthday.

The circumstances leading to her vanishing raise urgent questions, leaving her family and the community longing for explanations.

On February 26th, Madeline’s mom, Jenn Soto (also known as Jennifer Soto), trusted her daughter’s safety to her boyfriend, Stephan Sterns.

Unaware of the impending ordeal, Jenn thought dropping Madeline off at a nearby church near her school was routine.

But as the day went on, Jenn’s hope turned to fear when she went to pick up Madeline from school, only to find out she hadn’t been there.

In a panic, Jenn reported Madeline missing immediately, prompting a big search by the police and people willing to help.

Madeline Soto Mother Jenn Soto
Madeline Soto Mother, Jenn Soto (Source: Instagram)

Sterns, who saw Madeline last before she vanished, instantly became the main suspect in the investigation.

Troubling findings on his phone only made people more suspicious about where Madeline could be and if she was safe.

Even with everyone trying to figure out what happened, important questions remain unanswered.

What happened after Madeline was dropped off at the church? Did she go willingly, or was she forced to leave?

These doubts were hard for Jenn and the community as they waited to find out what happened to Madeline.

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Madeline Soto Missing Update: Found Dead On Friday

Madeline Soto, a 13-year-old girl from Florida, was tragically found dead in a wooded area on Friday afternoon, March 1, 2024.

The authorities initially suspected foul play in her disappearance, and sadly, those fears were confirmed.

The police suspect Madeline’s mother’s boyfriend of being involved in moving her body, turning the case into a homicide investigation, as confirmed by Sheriff John Mina.

Madeline Soto Was Found Dead On March 1, 2024 In A Wooded Area
Madeline Soto Was Found Dead On March 1, 2024 In A Wooded Area (Source: NBC News)

Search teams discovered Madeline’s body in a wooded area off Hickory Tree Road. Her family has been informed, but no further information is available now. The Kissimmee Police Department is leading the investigation.

The revelation showed that Madeline was never dropped off near her school, as previously claimed.

The boyfriend, Stephan Sterns, was arrested on separate charges earlier in the week. He is suspected of involvement in Madeline’s death.

Therefore, the investigation is ongoing, with authorities urging the public for any information. Sterns has not cooperated with the investigation and remains in custody.

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