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Ruth Gottesman Net Worth 2024: Donates $1 Billion To Albert Einstein College Of Medicine

Ruth Gottesman inherited around $1 billion from her late husband, David, significantly boosting her net worth.

In her effort to support education, Ruth generously donated a billion dollars to New York Medical School.

Her goal is to alleviate the heavy burden of student debt for students and provide deserving individuals with access to education.

Gottesman spent her life aiding those with learning challenges. She began at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in 1968, devising tests and therapies for difficult learners.

AECOM Chair Of The Board Of Trustees Ruth Gottesman
AECOM Chair Of The Board Of Trustees Ruth Gottesman (Source: The New York Times)

Ruth continued her efforts by pioneering programs to assist adults facing challenges with reading.

Her dedication led to establishing a specialized center for learning disability treatment in 1998, while serving as a teacher at the college and leading its board of trustees.

Returning as chair in 2020, she extended her influence to the Montefiore Health System, aiding in training future doctors. Her contributions have significantly improved the lives of many.

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Ruth Gottesman Net Worth 2024

As of 2024, Ruth Gottesman has an estimated net worth of $2 billion, even after donating away most of her wealth. She has made a lasting impact on society with her dedication to developmental medicine.

Although she may not be widely known for her riches, her husband, David Gottesman, was worth around $3 billion when he died in 2022.

His wealth mainly stemmed from smart investments, particularly his sizable ownership of 6,402 class A shares in Berkshire Hathaway stocks.

David’s journey to riches began with his knack for spotting valuable stocks, laying the groundwork for his financial success. His early investment in Berkshire Hathaway further boosted his wealth.

Ruth Gottesman Net Worth Is $2 Billion
Ruth Gottesman Net Worth Is $2 Billion (Source: The Seattle Times)

Moreover, Gottesman’s founding of First Manhattan in 1964, a financial services firm, accelerated his wealth accumulation over the years.

It’s worth noting that while his financial acumen gained attention, his marriage to Ruth Gottesman speaks volumes about their enduring partnership.

They were married in 1950 and remained together for over seven decades, undoubtedly influencing each other’s personal and professional lives.

Therefore, Ruth’s roles at Albert Einstein College of Medicine show her and David’s shared commitment to societal impact beyond wealth.

Ruth Gottesman Donates $1 Billion To Albert Einstein College Of Medicine

Ruth Gottesman, an extraordinary woman, made headlines and transformed lives with her recent $1 billion donation to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

At 93, she made a monumental decision to give back generously. She pledged a billion dollars to ensure that all future medical students at Einstein would have their tuition covered.

Ruth Gottesman Donated $1 Billion To AECOM
Ruth Gottesman Donated $1 Billion To AECOM (Source: The Guardian)

When David passed away, he left Ruth with a substantial stock portfolio, allowing her to use it however she deemed best. He stated;


Ruth’s donation paves the way for aspiring doctors who may have been deterred by the high costs of medical school, opening up remarkable opportunities for them. And that’s truly remarkable.

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