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Toby Keith Parents: Father Hubert Keith Covel & Mother Carolyn Joan Covel

Toby Keith parents, Hubert Keith Covel and Carolyn Joan Covel, raised him alongside his sister, Toni Covel, and his brother, Tracy Covel.

Toby Keith is famous for being a versatile American country music singer, songwriter, and producer.

He rose to stardom in late 1999 with his song “How Do You Like Me Now?!” which was considered one of the best songs of the 2000s.

Late American Country Music Singer Toby Keith
Late American Country Music Singer Toby Keith (Source: Taste of Country)

Starting with his first album named after himself, he has released many albums like “Boomtown,” “Pull My Chain,” “Bullets in the Gun,” “Peso in My Pocket,” and more. He has made 19 studio albums, 2 Christmas albums, and 5 compilation albums.

Apart from his music, Toby Keith also tried his hand at acting. You might have seen him in the movie “Broken Bridges” from 2005. He even wrote and acted in another film called “Beer for My Horses” in 2008.

During his career, he earned lots of awards. He won the Academy of Country Music Entertainer of the Year, the American Music Award for Favorite Country Male Artist, and the CMA Male Vocalist of the Year.

Toby Keith Parents: Father Hubert Keith Covel & Mother Carolyn Joan Covel

Born to Hubert Keith Covel and Carolyn Joan Covel in Clinton, Oklahoma, on July 8, 1961, Toby Keith’s upbringing was shaped by the bond between his parents.

Despite later relocating to Moore, Oklahoma, Toby’s summers were spent in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where his musical spark ignited at his grandmother’s supper club, Billie Garner’s Supper Club.

Toby’s father, a soldier, suffered a life-altering injury during his service, losing vision in one eye. This experience profoundly influenced Toby’s perspective, evident in his iconic song “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue,” which honors the sacrifices of soldiers.

Toby Keith Childhood Picture With His Mother Carolyn Joan Covel
Toby Keith Childhood Picture With His Mother Carolyn Joan Covel (Source: Facebook)

Tragically, Toby’s father met his end in a car accident in 2001, marking a profound loss for the family.

In the aftermath, Toby found solace and unwavering support from his mother, Carolyn, who became his staunchest advocate throughout his musical journey.

Reflecting on his earliest memories, Toby fondly recalls his mother’s influence on his musical inclinations, noting her aspirations as a singer.

As his star ascended in the music industry, Carolyn remained steadfast, attending his performances and sharing in his triumphs.

Even in the face of adversity, such as Toby’s battle with stomach cancer, the bond between mother and son remained resilient.

In one of his final performances in Las Vegas, Toby lovingly embraced his mother onstage, embodying their enduring bond and showcasing their shared humor and affection for each other.

Toby Keith Wife & Kids

In Toby Keith’s life, his marriage with Tricia Lucus is a cornerstone of enduring love and family bonds.

Their journey began on March 24, 1984, culminating in three years of relationship steeped in shared dreams and commitment.

Fate intertwined their paths together as they crossed during Toby’s post-high school days, toiling in the oil fields daily and serenading audiences with the Easy Money Band by night.

Their familial embrace expanded with the addition of Shelley Covel Rowland, whom the late singer adopted as his own, infusing her life with paternal warmth and guidance.

Together, they nurtured a growing brood, welcoming Krystal in 1985 and Stelen in 1997, each a testament to their enduring love and shared aspirations.

Toby Keith With His First Wife & Kids
Toby Keith With His First Wife & Kids (Source: Instagram)

Shelley, the eldest, embarked on a journey of education, earning her stripes in elementary education from the University of Oklahoma before dedicating herself to nurturing her own family.

Krystal, inheriting her father’s musical prowess, harmonized her passions with melody and rhythm, while Stelen charted his course as a burgeoning entrepreneur, steering the helm of various ventures with aplomb.

Through forty years of joys and trials, Toby and Tricia stood united, their love a beacon of resilience and devotion.

Though Keith Keith passed away on February 5, 2024, his memory lives on as a testament to a life full of love and family bonds.

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