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Olympiakos Attacked Anderlecht Lads In night Club 25.02.2016

Around 40 people wearing masks and supporting Olympiakos (Gate 7) used flares to attack a nightclub where fans of Anderlecht were gathered after midnight.

The Anderlecht fans fought back with chairs and bottles. The police arrived within three minutes and arrested some of the fans involved.

The nightclub was severely damaged, but fortunately, there were only minor injuries reported from the brawl.

Today, Olympiakos is set to play against Anderlecht in a match.

Samikshya Humagain
Samikshya Humagain
Samikshya Humagain, a devoted bachelor student, proficient editor, and enthusiastic writer, creates engaging articles with precision and excellence. Beyond academics, she explores the realms of entertainment and celebrity gossip, delivering informative and entertaining content.


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