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Trevante Rhodes Wife: Is He Married To Mara Wright? Engagement Rumors

Trevante Rhodes isn’t married and has no wife. However, it is reported that he got engaged to Mara Wright back in 2019.

In 2019, the Oscar-winning actor reportedly got engaged to fitness influencer Mara Wright and exchanged rings in a private ceremony.

Mara Wright, who has a son, often shares photos of him on her official Instagram account.

Before making it big in movies, Trevante stood out in sports, especially in football and track, during high school.

Making a move from sports to acting, he earned success by securing roles in movies and making a name for himself in the entertainment industry.

Academy Award Winning Actor Trevante Rhodes
Academy Award Winning Actor Trevante Rhodes (Source: Instagram)

Rhodes gained widespread acclaim for his role in “Moonlight,” impressing audiences worldwide with his exceptional performance.

Building on the success of “Moonlight,” he continued to secure roles in major films and TV shows.

Trevante remains active and versatile, captivating audiences in recent projects like “Mike” and “Mea Culpa.”

His talent has earned him nominations and awards, including the esteemed Black Reel Award in 2017.

Rhodes’ journey from sports to Hollywood stardom is genuinely inspiring, as he continues to leave a lasting impact on the silver screen with each new role.

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Trevante Rhodes Wife: Engagement Rumors With Mara Wright

Trevante Rhodes, who always mesmerizes fans with his performances, has always been private about his personal life.

Well, one of the intriguing mysteries about him is the identity of his wife.

Throughout his career, Rhodes has kept his romantic relationships private, preferring to keep them away from public attention.

Despite social media rumors and debates, the actor has never confirmed his marital status or wife.

Rumors suggested that Trevante Rhodes was engaged to Mara Wright, a popular model and fitness personality from Chicago.

Trevante Rhodes Reported Got Engaged To Mara Wright In 2019
Trevante Rhodes Reported Got Engaged To Mara Wright In 2019 (Source: Instagram)

Despite widespread speculation of their engagement in 2019, the actor has never confirmed his marital status or wife.

Both Rhodes and Wright prefer to keep their personal lives private, so they haven’t shared any details.

Even though people are curious about Rhodes’ marital status, he hasn’t revealed anything. As fans, we should respect his privacy and enjoy his talent on screen.

No matter what his relationship status is, one thing is for sure: Trevante Rhodes will continue to captivate audiences with his performances.

Who Is Trevante Rhodes Alleged Wife To Be Mara Wright?

Mara Wright isn’t just an average fitness instructor; she’s the sought-after trainer at Barrys in Chicago, helping people reach their fitness goals daily.

With her expertise in pre and postnatal fitness, Mara supports expecting and new moms on their journey to a healthier lifestyle, ensuring they stay fit and strong during and after pregnancy.

But Mara offers more than workouts; she’s also a Level 1 certified nutritionist, providing valuable advice on maintaining a balanced diet for optimal performance.

Fitness Model Mara Wright
Fitness Model Mara Wright (Source: Instagram)

In addition to her fitness career, Mara is a stunning model represented by the prestigious Rock Agency, showcasing her grace on the runway.

When she’s not at the gym or on the runway, Mara indulges her passion for cycling and enjoys participating in marathons.

Despite her busy schedule, Mara’s biggest joy is her son, whom she loves and cherishes dearly.

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