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Zimbru – CSKA Sofia 24.07.2014, Ultra Boys Zimbru attacked away fans

Ultra Boys Zimbru attacked two times away fans from Sofia – once before and once after match.
One CSKA supporter injured, hitted with stone. Araund 100 red fans travelled from Bulgaria for away match with Zimbru.

Ultra Boys Zimbru




CSKA Sofia






Injured CSKA fan


Explaning the situation by CSKA’s side

Lads from Animals were in Kinishev from Wednesday evening, walking in the city center, going to clubs, discos etc. and nobody tried to confront them. Our bus arrived in Kishinev around midnight on Wednesday, also Zimbru knew the hotel we were staying in. There were also some petards and noise in front the hotel so 2-3 policemen with kalashnikovs arrived but left quickly smile.gif We started walking in the city centre, and we were freely walking for around 2 hours, 2 times a police car passed by but the showed no interest. So no police in the middle of the night, but nobody from Zimbru showed up. Then we got to our hotel and stayed in front of it for more than an hour and again no police, and nobody from Zimbru showed up… Only 2 young lads from Dacia wanting to exchange stikers biggrin.gif On the next day we walked to a city park and stayed there the whole afternoon before the game with all CSKA lads that arrived. Again no police at all. There we got phone numbers of Zimbru guys and tried to arrange a fight, at first they wanted only 22 years age limit, then 25 years limit, finally they didn’t agree to fight. We got on a trolleybus to get to the stadium but it was too full and the driver refused to drive. So some of the guys had to get off and wait for the next. The first trolleybus arrived to the stadium with no problems, nobody from Zimbru showed up. But when they saw the the one with significantly less people 3-4 minutes later they tried to attack it 1 stop before the stadium. The guys from the 2nd got off at the stadium, and together we attacked Zimbru. Police was just watching and Zimbru ran away quickly. Yes, our lad was knocked out, but that was because he was drunk and was running alone 30m infront of the rest. Nobody else from us got hurt.


  1. the truth:

    24.07.2014 г.Кишинев, 31 представитель Зимбру(Ultra Boys+Bad Boys)в парке палят около 35-40 представителя ЦСКА София(у многих на футболках”Анималс”,были в парке где очень много мусоров,потом поступает информация что они выдвинулись на троллейбусе к стадиону без мусоров,стоим ждем на остановке перед стадионом,транспорт подъезжает,мы обозначаемся,подбегаем прямо к ним с предложением выйти,в ответ отказ выйти а только тыканье факов и непонятная болгарская речь,подгоняют водилу чтобы тот срочно ехал дальше,бежим за ними до следующей остановки,там их ждет еще одна их группа из около 20 человек,как результат:60 ЦСКА София против 31 Зимбру,около минуты замеса,применение гавна со стороны болгар,дальше разгон всех сторон мусорами(с)
    на видео отказ болгар от выхода с транспорта.

  2. Only fight with hands and feets no knives or other stuff Who are some poeple so stupid

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