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Wiener derby: Austria Wien – Rapid Wien. 16.12.2018

Wiener derby: Austria Wien – Rapid Wien. 16.12.2018

Only 500 Rapid fans watched the derby in the stadium, as the police stopped the corteo of the others. Police said there were criminal offenses (throwing snowballs and empty cans on the highway) so they had to document identities from all of them. This took up to 7 hours. Without toilets, food, water or a possibility to sit. Temperature was -2 degrees. Police refused medical aid. Three people were taken to hospital afterwards. In total 1338 persons were registered, one arrest and one criminal charge. This happened, three days after Rapid fans made an “ACAB” choreo in Europe League. Some says that it was a police revenge for the last “ACAB” choreo.

13.12.2018. Rapid – Rangers: 1312 (ACAB) choreo.

Even UEFA liked this choreo ?
Description on twitter: “Once again great performance by Rapid fans”.
Tweet was quickly removed.

16.12.2018 Rapid fans who were stopped and controlled by 7 hours.

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