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“Who killed the atmosphere at Cam Nou?” – the opinion of one Barcelona supporter

Here is the opinion of one Barcelona fan about who killed the atmosphere on the tribunes at Camp Nou. I wasnt sure where to post this article but its important to read what he says… some of those repressions are seen on many other stadiums in whole Europe.

I’m a true Barça supporter (I’m from Barcelona, I go to ALL home matches and all away games i can, and my father and grandpa are Barça supporters since it wasn’t a modern club), i can tell you that we can’t do anything with the horrible atmosphere at our stadium. Barça ultras (Boixos Nois) are banned since 2003 and they can’t get into the stadium, and the tickets costs 40€ the cheapest ones, in a country that is living a disastrous economic crisis, so the youth people who really wants to shout can’t pay the tickets, the only ones who can are the f’king tourists (I rent a season ticket every year thanks to the economic help of my family, so fortunately I can go to the stadium)! Barça supporters claims a supporters stand, so all Barça ultras/supporters groups can unite forces to make a better atmosphere, but the police forbade it, because they say it is too dangerous cause there will be violent people.

Now, my biggest wish, is that barça become relegated for bank or football federation, because only will stay true supporters, and probably the things will become much better (cheaper tickets, bossman will see the importance of fans, and we won’t be as watched as now (our stadium has the award of stadium with more security, and we can’t even take flags to the stadium because of the stick!!!))

I know barça is a modern club, and our atmosphere is probably the worst of all europe, but is not because of the TRUE fans, is because of the glory hunters and tourists who pay more than 100€ to see a game, making the prices higher and higher!

The video and photos are from this year, before the game Barça-At. Madrid. I wished we get this adrenaline with us into stadium also…







Article about Boixos Nois is coming soon in our site with a lot of photos and videos.


  1. Hi there! I am a Barca supporter to, but outside the Catalunya. I am from Poland. I agree with Your opinion that tourists killed the atmosphere at Camp Nou. I am one of them unfortunately. How can I see my beloved Club live other then come to the greatest stadium? Every time I’m at Camp Nou I shout and support Barca best I can. I hope Bsrtomeu will aloud You Boixos Nois to coming to the stadium again. Barca I mort!


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