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Ultras Sur – the glorious history !

It’s hard to explain the history of Ultras Sur, understanding what kind of organisation it is and it’s meaning is even harder. It would be impossible without the help of the “agents” Antonio Diario and David Madrid, who managed to get undercover inside the group. Diario is a journalist while David Madrid is a cop. They’ve managed to discover important facts for the most famous football fraction in Spain. Facts for the incidents in and outside the stadium, the connections with the Neo-Nazi organisation. Today “HooligansTV” is going on a trip in Spain starting with the mythical group Ultras Sur which stands behind Real Madrid.


The glorious history of Ultras Sur begins in the 80’s of the XX century when the organisation Las Banderas is lost it’s power. In the beginning the group combines people from every social groups and with different political views with the only ultimatum – support Real Madrid even it’s worst moments, anytime and everywhere.
Then the club was the most hated in Spain and that’s why Ultras Sur is also hated by everyone. The leaders decide that they won’t stand and watch how the other groups abuse them and started to answer with violence.
While time passes Ultras Sur gets a name of the toughest fraction in Spain. Often in the middle of the 80s Real Madrid games are combined with lots of violence, some people say that there are caused by people right political views.


The leaders often say that the media is showing more from the stuff which the fraction does outside the stadium than tifo and performance on the south stand. It’s a fact that the ultras organise good choreos on Real’s home games and sometimes they even use pyro. It’s even better that they do these stuff with their own money, not like other fans which get money from the club to create tifo. Most of the fan souvenirs are created by the fans who have more money than the others and they are gifted to members of the group. In the middle 80s the group has It’s own place on the bottom rows of the south stand so they can be closer to the pitch and affect the game. That’s a hard thing because like we all know Bernabeu isn’t a small stadium…

At the end of the 80’s the group is growing rapidly. Choreography, organization and communication are improving. The media are often writing about Ultras Sur only with negativity.

The reason for that are the conflicts with the ultras of the urban rivals from Frente Atletico and the catalans of Boixos Nois. Ultras Sur are famous with the vandalizing about the crucial title duel with “Valencia” during 82/83 season in which “Real Madrid” loses, the fights arround the final for the cup with “Barcelona” in Saragosa, along with the fight with the ultras of “Inter” for two years in row – 1984/85 – 1985/86.


The top however is in 86/87 season, when during the household with “Bayern” (Munchen) the terrain is bombarded with all sorts of objects, leaping from the bottom of the South stand.

“Bernabeu” is locked down for two meetings from the european tournaments. Ultras Sur had earned the hatred not only of the media, who will criticize and defame them for months ahead, but among a large part of the audience of Madrid aswell. And when you add the approved emblem of the fraction at this period – classic pirate skull with crossed bones, society in Spain really understands what group gains strength in the capital.

It was in the mid 80’s when the core of the fraction was built, which to this day is one of the most respected ultras of the Iberian Peninsula. At this time these boys have grown up together with “Bernabeu” for the last ten years and have gone through all circumstances – happy and sad moments, wins and losses, fights, arrests … Around the late 80’s they ally with Brigadas Blanquiazules del Espanol.

Friendship that builds over years total hatred of the catalan grand ‘Barcelona’.

Another important moment from the history of Ultras Sur happens during september 1988, when a bus with the core of the group traveled to Gijon for a match against “Oviedo”. The match coincides with the celebration of the city, and coincidence with brutal melee between Ultras Sur and local members of the Liga Comunista Revolucionaria, participating in the procession on the occasion of the patronal day of Gijon.

It denounced the far left ultras of “Real” for the many Spanish flags, which they bear and wave. Next are the battle scenes in which 24 ultras “Real” were arrested and the group of communists – hospitalized in the city hospital.

After this incident Ultras ‘Real’ are under knife from the Proleva factions in the country. Ultras Sur calmly expressed the far right beliefs – something that until now is à public secret.

In the 90’s the group is ever increasing, as the SA flow are mainly skinheads. At that time, skinheads current is particularly strong and Ultras Sur is definitely the most attractive football supporters in Spain from that perspective.

The faction began increasingly moving in the far right and nationalist symbolism. Priamo Viyalonga, a leader of the group, in 1993 participated in a televised debate with shirt Ultras Sur and openly defend the violence against
immigrants, blacks and jews. In 1995 the share of the Ministry of Interior arrested more than a thousand people who have been accused of creating a neo-Nazi network.

The detained are members of the Hammer-Skin, Blood & Honour, Circulo de Estudios Indoeuropeos, Asociacion de Amigos Degrelle, Hermandad Aria (HA), Accion Juvenil Espanola (AJE), Resistencia, Alternativa Europea (AE),
Hermandad Nueva Sociedad-HNS and of course Ultras Sur. In the 90’s however, a serious organization began – nothing in Ultras Sur does not happen accidentally, everything is planned and read.
Thus the memorable trips to Turin in 91/92 season, Paris – 92/93 and 93/94 were born.
The first true choreography is born – not just a few flares and smoke bombs, but also colored paperboards, foils and balloons. The old logo is replaced aswell – the bones under the skull drop, and a scarf of “Real” appeared arround his neck.


Something like trying to clean up the hooligan image? Nothing like that. When the name of Ultras Sur is mentioned, It is always accompanied by a further problem. In the early 90’s they score twice in Tenerife with local police and ultras, in Budapest, Amsterdam, Turin. For a match with “Leverkusen” a whole plane is siezed, because of the Nazi salutes upon It’s arrival at the airport.

In 1993, a number of players on the “Real” complain that they are extortioned by members of the Ultras Sur to pay them in order to gain support, or just to evade a fight. Martin Vasquez and Hierro barely got alive several times from several tough guys thanks to Zamorano and Rocha, who at that time had the favor satus to Ultras Sur.
Jose Luis Ochaita, leader of Ultras Sur, did not deny that there is pressure on the players. Three years later Ochaita will receive a two-year ban to attend sporting events because of accumulated suspended sentence for inflicting beatings and weapons possession.


On April the 1st, 1998, before the first match of the Champions League semifinals against “Dortmund” over 100 tore down the fence on the south platform, thus bringing down the door on the field along with it. The match is delayed for over
75 minutes, which Ultras Sur used for a show in the stands.
In the late ’90s the group continues to grow and actually receive power over the entire lower floor to the southern sector. The symbol of the club is changed, this time relies entirely on the original type – double axe on the backround of the spanish flag.

As if to warn rivals what hangs over them every time they encounter Ultras Sur.

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