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Troubles in Tirana before and during Kukesi – Legia 30.07.2015

Legia hooligans arrived in Tirana with good numbers. It was very interesting match in Albania against Kukesi. Home supporters showed banner “The end of the game will be the end of your life. I am not slav, i am Albanian”.

Some tourists (?!) before the match were attacked by Kukesi fans. Few injured.


During match Albanians threw stones on Legia players, one of them got hit in the head. Then Legia hooligans tried to reach home fans and clashed with police.

Here is some video how Albanian supporters are throwing stones to Legia fans.


  1. These are looking really like tourists. The info is correct nice to see no stupid propaganda from albanian pigs. Throwing stones is for pussies.

    • For all you motherf.ckers who want to come to Albania and try to act as gangsters, we will cut your ears off 😉



  3. too bad they will never come to Poland

  4. these Albanians are crazy, they have no idea what they did, (L)egia’s hools are the best in the world, they have been trained by special forces ,each of them would beat 10 locals with just one hand,if they go to Warsaw they’re finished!

    • Did your mommy read this to you as a bedtime story. Stop this shit you morons. No tough guys in another country. These comments show that there are a bunch of lowlifes on all sides. For one side, it is easy to act tough in your country and moronic to throw objects against anyone. For the other side, it is as moronic to say that Legia fans are as much of idiots as Albanian fans and will do the same in reverse conditions. Both lowlifes and uncivilized that do not belong in 21st century.

    • I saw what happened, one Albanian guy beat the hell out of a polish guy, sorry, propably he didn’t know he was trained, haha

  5. There is much disinformation in this article. The player was hit by a lighter and the supporters throw platic bottles not stones. Anyhow Legia fans are well known trouble maker but not in every place they can be free. Its a shame that football supporters shows this attitudes. Take care to all ignorants!

  6. Pollok hooligans ??? hahaha that’s a joke .. they are just some scum bags …all the streets of Germany are full with polish prostitutes and polish thievs .. we pay for their welfare …

  7. one Albanian can kick 10 pussy cats like this Pollock “hooligans” they came for truble slavs are same..animals

  8. From Russia with love

    Albanians it’s just fucking scum on the beautiful body of Eastern Europe,which can only crowing in the hen house,but never get to travel,knowing the consequences for their health

  9. Jebać legię starą rurę. Kosowo jest albańskie. Kosova është Shqipëri.

  10. Ehr, When I looked much of films with kukesi or albanian hools always they throw stones always always stones, I didn’t see any film when they fight like a man, sorry this is so …… 🙂 pussies and beat a tourist when you are in group hoho thats so epic

  11. These were tourist you fucking morons, not legia fans. Calling this some kind of hooligan success just prove how week pussies you are. It’s probably because you’re so short and tiny. Do you have balls to come to Warsaw for a rematch?

    • If you want to meet Albanians, I think you can go in German town at anytime, and it will be easy to find them and ask trouble, they will respond you immediately, anyway, for your own life, it is better not to do it

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