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Troubles before the match UTA Arad – Poli Timisoara 13.11.2016

Romania 13.11.2016
Derby: UTA Arad – Poli Timisoara (2nd. division)

The clashes broke out before the match, when away fans arrived to Arad and they met home fans on the street.

The interesting thing is that Poli Timisoara ultras arrived in about 300 people despite the fact that they received only 90 tickets for the game. In protest ultras decided not to enter the stadium and give these tickets to children from the club of Poli Timisoara, so the kids could see this derby match.

Away fans.


Clashes between UTA Arad vs. Poli Timisoara




A man with head injury and fractured skull.
Some witnesses claim that he was allegedly beaten by cops.


Kids from Poli Timisoara at the stadium.


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