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Top arrests for racist chanting in Premier League since 2004/05

More West Ham, Chelsea and Spurs fans have been arrested for racist and abusive chanting than any other Premier League club in the last ten years.

Figures on the government website show that since the 2004/5 season, there have been 21 arrests made for racist and abusive chanting involving West Ham fans, more than any other club.

The problem of racist chanting and football was brought back into the spotlight on Tuesday (17.02.2015) when a group of Chelsea supporters refused a Parisian black man entry onto Metro before the Champions League match between PSG and Chelsea.

Chelsea have vowed to ban anyone identified in the group, who were heard chanting: “we’re racist, we’re racist, and that’s the way we like it.”

Arrests for racist and abusive chanting since 2004/5:

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