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“To sing, we don’t need legs!” The story of fan’s spirit…

His name is Mircea Cоmpeanu (Steaua fan) and he is 28 years old. He had a car accident 5 years ago, but not his mistake, the car had a tehnical problem, broke down on a wheel and skidded.

After accident he lost his legs. Recovery after injury lasted one and a half year. After the accident he continued to fight!

He and some people with similar problems created a group – “Special Boys” their motto is : To sing, we don’t need legs/ We love Steaua, from wheelchair.

For prosthesis that could stand up again, he need 165.000 euro. He along with some help, created a campaign “Mircea go farther” everyone can send a SMS that donate 2 euros.
At the Romanian Supercup, both sides of Steaua (North Side and South Side) decided to give 2 euros more per ticket! Those 2 euros go to Mircea.

He has two dreams – Let stand again standing at stadium among ultras and to marry his girlfriend and at altar stand on his legs!

The accdent

Special Boys

Mircea never backed down!


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