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Third Balkan War or what is happening on the Balkans?

In last qualifications for the European Championship in France in 2016, the Balkan peninsula was like a real battlefield.

First, on 11 October in Bucharest meeting between Romania and Hungary supporters of both sides groomed serious battle at “National Arena”. Another missing for UEFA that proves the History is not their strongest subject. Then trains, buses and cars from Hungary headed to Romania like on war. They have welcomed in same way. Himself coach of Romania – Victor Piturca draw on his car three sixes “666” and said in romanian media that he will welcome the hungarians like Satan.

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The same day we all saw what happened at the stadium “Vasil Levski” in whole Balkan clash between bulgarians and croats. While historically both countries have no reasons to hate each others, after this match football fans well sowed the seeds of hatred. The visit of bulgarians after year in Zagreb will be a great challenge for the local police.

Full article from this match with a lot of videos and photos:


To get to the incidents in Belgrade, which was the culmination of Balkan strife.

UEFA indictments of Serbia and Albania after terminated at 0:0. Policy burst football for the third time in the Balkans in just 5 days.

Events marked Bulgaria – Croatia (0:1) and Romania – Hungary (1:1), but these two games were played till the end. In Belgrade, the situation was different.

In the 42th minute over the stadium appeared airplane, guided by remote control. It flew with a flag of Greater Albania with two-headed eagle. Stefan Mitrovic from home team jumped and caught the flag, but was attacked by Albanian players who took it and tried to hide it on the bench in the reserves. The situation was still calm, the flag was in the hands of Albanian Bekim Balaj. But fan invaded on the pitch and punched a plastic chair in Balaj head.

Captain of albanians – Lorika Cana struck him down and then started to kick him. The stadium gone mad and ultras stormed to the players. They fled and hid in the locker room under fire of bottles and chairs. Referee Martin Atkinson (England) terminate the game. When he tried to resume the game 40 minutes later, the albanians refused to play. Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic made ​​a strong appeal for hours after the game:

“Such a danger was known by a representative of the European Union three hours before the game – said the Prime Minister. – This was the act of extremists threatening the stability of Serbia and the region. He was inspired by a gang of fake officials entered in the VIP section with the Albanian delegation. We want official apologize by the Albanian government and punish the culprits. I’m waiting for the reaction of the European Union.”

The drone was driven by Olsi Rama, brother of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama. He was in the VIP section. Rama was interrogated over two hours after the game, but left for Tirana with the delegation and the team.

Serbian political analyst Dragomir Andjelkovic argues that provocation purposes tension in Belgrade before the visit of Vladimir Putin.

“Let UEFA to punish Albanians as respond after the incident in Genoa, when the provocation came from the Serbs.” said a spokesman of the Federation in Belgrade. 4 years ago because of riots by the visiting supporters had stopped the match Italy – Serbia. The most active was the Delije leader Ivan Bogdanov, the serbs were given a penalty of two games without an audience. Bogdanov gets 1 year in prison after pitch invade on match Serbia – Albania.

The cameras caught him at the stadium of “Partizan”. After the release of Albanians from the dressing room, police searched the bags of each player for the flag. Among them was Armando Vajushi, which remained in the game reserve. UEFA delegate sought for the flag as evidence, but did not find it. At the airport in Tirana over 20 000 Albanians welcomed the players like heroes. It is not clear what follows from UEFA. And is there any punishment that can stop ultras in the Balkans, where football is ideal for policy and outbursts of violence and nationalism. Provocation lowered the stadium flag depicts a two-headed eagle (the national symbol of Albania) on a map of “Greater Albania”.

Autochthonous inscription comes from the ancient Greek word that expresses aspirations of the albanians that are ancient-old population in these areas. On flag are painted two portraits. One is the national hero – Ismail Kemal (1844-1919), who proclaimed an independent Albania in 1912 and became the first prime minister. The other is Boletini Issa (1864-1916), leader of the uprising in Kosovo 1910 and fighter against Serbia.

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