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  1. The Russian are running away, how is that a defeat, the Russians only attack fans when they know they can win fact.

    There getting turned over cause there is 4 times the amount of English there.

  2. Nous Some Charlie

    When Russian lads met the proper English crews they were backed off. Like this video. English lads toe to toe. Not a single step backwards.

    And this. Eng left – Rus right


  3. Wolves Subway Army

    You have met hospital and office workers in Marseille not hooligans. 1400 hooligan passports taken by English Government, English Police Visiting our homes, prison sentences of 5 years. Every Hooligan in England Is under the microscope by our local police, even old men like myself. ENGLAND HAVE NO FIRMS IN FRANCE. How many real hooligans have you beat up (1%) Putin Paid for your soul you uneducated bunch of tramps. England hooligans have always had a code WE ONLY FIGHT HOOLIGANS.You forget our sailors who died in the Baltic Convoys and our women made clothes and sent food parcel to help russain peasants such as yourselves (ALL RICH RUSSIANS LIVE IN LONDON)

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