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The hooligans from “Red-Blue Warriors” (CSKA Moscow, Russia)

Name: Red-Blue Warriors
Team: CSKA Moscow
Country, city: Russia, Moscow
Birthday: 1994
Friends: Partizan, CSKA (Sofia), PAOK
Enemies: Spartak Moscow, Zenit
Political views: Right

“Red-Blue Warriors” is one of the most famous and respected factions in the territory of the former Soviet republics. And although the first ultras movements CSKA Moscow have been created in the late 70s, Warriors are those who apply the western model of fan groups in the Russian reality.
According to legend, the name of the fraction derived from the film Warriors, which shows all vicissitudes of street gangs in the United States. Casually spoken phrase: “These Warriors are clean Reds” became prophetic. At the beginning of 1994 the first flags and patches of “warriors” were made. The emblem is a red target with white skull in the middle and white inscription “Red-Blue Warriors”.

May 22, 1994 in the final match of the Cup of Russia against Spartak Moscow was showed off the first banner Warriors, made by Valery Averin and Andrew Batumskiy. And although “Reds” to lose the Cup after a penalty shootout, in this day officially was borned one of the most fearsomes fan-movements in Russia.
In the 90′ years the most powerful ultras and hooligans are Red-Blue Warriors and the brigade from Spartak – Flint’s Crew. Both organizations keep a constant struggle for supremacy. One of the most famous fights was on October 14, 1995 in central Moscow on the famous street “Arbat” after the match between teams of Spartak Moscow and Legia Warsaw.

The incidents began on the west tribune of the stadium “Dynamo” where members of Flint’s Crew attack 15 CSKA fans supporting Legia. After about a minute of OMON officers are calming them to prevent further clashes. After match “Red-Blue Warriors” receive information that Spartak fans have gathered to drink beer. 120 “warrior” going to the “Arbat”. Hooligans block the traffic on the boulevard, and as stab turns everything which is felling under the hand.

Group of Flint’s Crew flee from the fight and Warriors follow them further 2 kilometers, damaging a telephone kiosks, garbage cans, cars. Only patrols OMON stop frenzied “Red-Blue” hooligans. However traveled two kilometers, Warriors runs in the opposite direction, demonstrating unprecedented durability pursued and fired upon by police patrol cars. After the victory of the “Arbat”, Warriors full can be called the best experience and fans supporters in Russia in those years.

In 1996 was formed the first branch of the Red-Blue Warriors – Yaroslavka initially controlling Yaroslavl line of the Moscow metro. With the time Yaroslavka grew into a separate organization, earned great reputation among fan circles. Other affiliates of “Reds” fans are known southeastern Moscow youth brigade “Kids” and the more moderate hooligans from “Gallant Steeds”.

Members of the Warriors do not rely on the quantity but on quality. According to official information members from Red-Blue Warriors are not much, just 50-60. However, they are recognized as the most influential and ultimate fan-organization of CSKA Moscow.






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