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Troubles in Tirana before and during Kukesi – Legia 30.07.2015

Legia hooligans arrived in Tirana with good numbers. It was very interesting match in Albania against Kukesi. Home supporters showed banner “The end of the game will be the end of your life. I am not slav, i am Albanian”. Some tourists (?!) before the match were attacked by Kukesi fans. Few injured. During match Albanians threw stones on Legia …

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Italy – Albania 18.11.2014, 20 000 Albanians and pitch invade

Tuesday evening Albanian supporters filled the Stadium Comunale Luigi Ferraris in Italy. Somewhere between 16 000 and 20 000 Albanians attended the match. Some of the fans seemed to be inspired by Serbian hooligan Ivan Bogdanov and the show Serbs created against Italy in the same stadium back in 2010. During match 3 Albanians invaded on pitch with waving the …

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Third Balkan War or what is happening on the Balkans?

In last qualifications for the European Championship in France in 2016, the Balkan peninsula was like a real battlefield. First, on 11 October in Bucharest meeting between Romania and Hungary supporters of both sides groomed serious battle at “National Arena”. Another missing for UEFA that proves the History is not their strongest subject. Then trains, buses and cars from Hungary …

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Orfi Rama – brother of Albanian Prime Minister, arrested for releasing drone onto pitch against Serbia

With the history of war between the two Balkan states, tonight’s Euro qualifier between Serbia and Albania was always going to have an edge to it, but no one could have predicted the dramatic turn of events that unfolded. The match was abandoned after a drone dropped the flag of Greater Albania – encompassing the zones of the Balkans inhabited …

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Serbia – Albania 14.10.2014, suspended and riots on stadium after drone drops albanian flag

Serbia against Albania was always going to be a match charged with tension – even that is an understatement – and so it proved on Tuesday night in Euro 2016 qualifying. Due to historical and political differences going back many years, trouble was always likely. Albania have eight Kosovar players in their team. Kosovo was part of Serbia, previously Yugoslavia, …

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This and next week interesting high-risk matches from national teams

Almost all leagues from Europe are in pause becouse of European Championship Qualifications. There are few interesting matches this and next week. Most of the national teams are from Balkan countries and the incidents are guaranteed. Hooligans TV present you 3 of those high-risk matches. 1. Bulgaria – Croatia 10.10.2014 20:45 About 1,000 croatians are expected in Sofia on Friday. …

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Vllaznia Shkodër – Tirana 11.09.2014, many injured in riot on stadium

Heavy riot during a football match from albanian league between Vllaznia Shkodër and Tirana. Trouble started in second half when Tirana supporters didn’t agree with referee’s decision. Police showed up in the away sector and match was stopped 2-3 times because of clashes and objects thrown on the field. In the end of the match Tirana scored and the match …

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