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Statement of Wisla Sharks concerning weapons and tools

WISLA SHARKS 11.08.2014

“We declare that from today in fights with crews from all over Poland disappear tools, and hooligans from Wisla Krakow fight only on the fists

This also applies to all jewish friends (we are talking about all the friends that have Cracovia), this pact, however, does not apply to Cracovia.”

In this video we can see how Wisla with machetes doing ambush on Cracovia member (older video)


  1. David P. WISLA

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I want it clearly understood that I, David P. WISLA have no affiliation nor association, what-so-ever, in any capacity with your organization. Please do not confuse my last name as any sort of support of/for your organization. I find the use of my name, in this capacity, by your organization to be abhorrent, repugnant, detestable and loathsome. Thank you for the opportunity to comment.

    David P. WISLA

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