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Scottish police press release on BBB before Celtic FC – Dinamo Zagreb

EVENT: Celtic FC V Dinamo Zagreb
LOCATION: Parkhead, Glasgow
KICK OFF: 2005hrs

On Thursday 2nd of October 2014 Celtic FC will play Dinamo Zagreb in a Eurpoa League football match being played at Parkhead. Dinamo Zagreb has been allocated 600 tickets with 250 currently sold. It is anticipated that approximately 150 Zagreb risk fans will travel to Glasgow without allocated match tickets.

A significant number of supporters are expected to travel on match day from Trieste to London on low cost flights and from there by public transport (probably train) to Glasgow. It is anticipated that these supporters will return to Croatia on 04/10/2014.

Dinamo Zagreb carries a significant risk group of supporters to away matches. The 2 main risk groups are Bad Blue Boys and a splinter group, Bad Blue Boys Fan Club. These groups do not get along and will readily engage in violence with each other. In addition they do not have good relations with team management and are prone to anti management rhetoric and protests.

These groups will likely converge on bars in Glasgow City Centre prior to and after the match. They have in the past attended the team hotel which due to the proximity of the team hotel to Glasgow City Centre may be a tactic utilised. Additional factors for consideration

• The Dinamo Zagreb risk groups, whilst not necessarily seeking violence, will readily engage in violence if provoked by rivals
• The Dinamo Zagreb risk groups will readily engage in violence between each other
• They attend the match venue at the last minute to pressure stewards and police
• They will utilise banners and pyrotechnics within football grounds
• They will engage in low level crime
• There is no history of conflict between Celtic and Zagreb fans
• Within the football stadium Zagreb fans will engage in protests against Zagreb and Croatian football management and of racist nature to bring censure against Zagreb

Police Scotland will be visible throughout the city centre from today. They will deploy a number of specialist Police groups between today and 4th October to ensure any disruptive behaviour is controlled. If any significant disorder occurs further specialist Police groups will be deployed immediately to contain and control disorder.

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