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Riots: Prykarpattya – Karpaty Lviv 20.09.2017

Ukrainian Cup.
The troubles started in the 64th minute of the match, when players of Prykarpattya scored the second goal for 2-0. Then angry away fans started throwing pyro, stones and even glas on the pitch. Referee stopped the match for about 30 mniutes. After a break, the match was finished. After the game, Karpaty fans storm the field and clash with the police. Final result of the match: 2-1

Pyrotechnics on the field and paused game.

Riots after the game.

After the match, about 100 fans of  Karpaty Lviv wanted to “talk” with their players, but nothing happened. Players left the stadium under heavy escort.

The whole situation is caused by poor results of the Karpaty Lviv team. The fans are furious and they have enough.

Last time, during the match Karpaty Lviv – FC Veres Rivne 10.09.2017, they take off shirts from own players, because they also lose the match. Here video.

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