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Riots in Greece between AEK and Olympiacos 12.09.2020

Greek Cup Final in Volos: AEK – Olympiacos 12.09.2020

Clashes brouk out in the city a few hours before the game when around 300 AEK hooligans showed up in Volos, and they tried to get closer to the hotel where the Olympiacos team and their supporters were. Police had to use tear gas to disperse the hooligans of both teams. The game was held behind closed doors due to Covid-19 and Olympiacos won the final with 1:0

Olympiacos Gate 7 Version : We started at the morning 150 fans to go to Volos by train, where we have to meet the other guys from province of Greece. When Police blocked us, instantly we found some cars because we haven’t a lot of time and we started again to go to Volos around 50 guys. At Volos, there were AEK fans from morning, and without having problem with police they did some walk around, because we weren’t there yet. They thought that Olympiacos fans were only 20 in front of hotel them team, so they tried to approach hotel without substantial reason. When cars of Olympiacos fans arrived in town, attacked instantly to AEK fans (approximately 150), passed policemen who they were between them, and aek fans started running without any resistance to go to their local club. Police started attacking us using their tear gus, and trying to make some arrests. After that we have started to singing our chants about cup final, which we won.



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