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Report from the attack on KRC Genk lads in Montenegro 21.07.2016

Europa League – Qualifications: Budućnost Podgorica (Montenegro) – KRC Genk (Belgium) 21.07.2016

Report from lad, who was in Montenegro. (original spelling)

We (GCF – Casuals Genk) went with 9 lads to Montenegro (6 Youth, one lad only 17), capital Podgorica by van. A trip from around 24 hours (20 hours driving, 4 hours stops for eating, shitting, …). Like always enjoying the view in the Balkan, I think it’s the most beautiful place in Europe easily. And the most handsome women too.

Croatia view


We arrived in Podgorica Wednesday evening, a day before the game. We went to the City Center and drinked all night without any problems. Singing, partying with the women, you say it. We were expecting an attack to be honest, but nothing happened and we could walk freely everywhere we go. So we, altho only with 9 and with the full knowing that previous year even a big large and strong Polish group got attacked in the center, we didn’t hide at all. We were even kinda dissapointed nothing happened but we had fun that night.


Match day self, we again walked around all city so it was easily to find us. We went to a pub and started to prepare for the game. Around 3-4 a clock after noon, we see some 15 lads walking next to our pub. Some big guys. Typical Balkan hooligan style clothed. We knew ‘now it will come’ so we, since only with 9, went in close movement and put many stools around us for cover and to fight with it. One minute after Podgorica hooligans attack from all sides. 15 lads in front of us and from left and right the same number. Around 30 lads. Funny thing is we took this picture like 5 minutes before


Total chaos. Surrounded we had to fight our way out of it. Typical Balkan style attack. They threw everything they could find. So not only pyro, but also rocks and bricks. We threw back with chairs, stools and bottles. Some of them came in at our front and we managed to knock a few of them down with stools and some close combat. Few guys from them on ground. After that, we could not hold against majority. Total break and we need to run. Podgorica hooligans did not leave us alone and kept following our seperated groups and tried to keep ambushing us. You could say that it is not fair, because they were with much more and tooled, but that is the Balkan, you know what you can expect. They protected their city very well, to be fair. But fair game for us for not running away and to manage to put 3 guys from them in the hospital.

With us many scars from bottles, knives (they had some Stanley knives) and burn woundings and from the rocks and bricks. We lost but we lost with pride. A good European away.



After the attack.




  1. Respect for you from Serbia. You know where you came, and you know that every group need to protect their city. Real ultras & hooligans, again respect for you guys!

  2. Your whore on the screen should be at one blow to die. You’re writing from Respakt, if one accepts the other’s respect. You’re a girl. Strong fuck hooligans in the Group

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