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Psycho Fans won the second edition of the tournament TFC!

The team “Psycho Fans” won the second international tournament “Team Fighting Championship”, which took place over the weekend in Riga. Ruch Chorzow fans won their all fights and have had some victory in the entire event.

“Team Fighting Championship” is a competition in which five teams taking part. Fight cage with each five-person teams. In addition to the “PF” on the tournament appeared the following teams:

“DH” – Dinamo Minsk (Belarus)
“Wisemen” – IFK Göteborg (Sweden)
“San-da LPF” – Riga (Latvia)

“GPG” – New York (USA)


In the first stage, each of the teams fought after two fights. “Psycho Fans” defeated the first Belarusian Minsk, and then the Swedes from Gothenburg. In the final movement supporters did not give a chance to “San-da LPF” from Riga. It is worth nothing that the Blues have won every fight quickly and confidently, and also set a new tournament record in “TFC” by taking the win over “Wisemen” in just 30 seconds!


The main prize in the second edition of the tournament “Team Fighting Championship” was 5000 euros. “Psycho Fans” who showed up in Riga with 12 people (including one featuring Widzewiak), wish to thank the organizers for a great tournament preparation, professionalism and care. What counts in addition to subsequent calls.
We, from Hooligans TV congratulate all teams and wishing good luck in the next contest!


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  1. Sad that some countries can´t fight without weapons ,
    countries like Italy, Russia, Poland and many in southern Europen countries , come on let´s fight but without wepons. you fight to see how is stronger , you cant do that with a batt


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