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PAOK hooligans attacked the headquarters of Iraklis fans 16.10.2016

Greece 16.10.2016

PAOK hooligans attacked the headquarters of Iraklis fans
Everything happened before the derby match: PAOK – Iraklis
Riots lasted about 15 minutes.

Headquarters of Iraklis fans just before the attack.

Videos from the attack.

Iraklis hooligans after the attack.



  1. Paok fans made a big mistake! Iraklis fans were waiting for them…it was a trap! 2 fans of Paok were trying to stop a TAXI to get inside and save their lives after the incident. And many more saw the match from the Hospital. Iraklis fans are very few in Thessaloniki, even Athens Football Clubs have more fans in Thessaloniki. But the center of Thessaloniki it’s like ghetto of Iraklis.

  2. this club of iraklis is near the 2nd biggest police station of the town
    so PAOK fans could not go there with pyro ,bottles or bats in therir hands because they willl get caught.
    So they went there and iraklis fans threw pyro,molotov bombs (even some of them didnot even blow) stones ,and bottles full of beer,helmets and bats.
    even this PAOK fans threw back everything and as you can see in the last video they forced the iraklis fans to run in the club safety.4 iraklis fans where captured and stabbed by PAOK fans and their brothers didnt come to take them. Iraklis fans threw the whole time bottles for the roof of the building so it was impossible for PAOK fans to go in the club. I think they spend 200 beer bottles full of beer.
    PAOK fans would nevere spend this alcohol.
    the police arrived after some minutes so PAOK fans had to leave the battle because the nearest club of PAOK are 10 minutes away so some of them get into a taxi to escape from police but they didnt make it .
    also 13 fans of PAOK get arrested after the fight
    its a same for a hooligan to be happy for an arrested enemy by the fuckin police.

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