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Panathinaikos – Olympiakos derby abandoned due to riots. 17.03.2019

One more Greek derby between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos at the Olympic Stadium of Athens was abandoned on the 70th minute due to clashes between hooligans and the police.

German referee Marco Fritz decided to stop the game with the score 1-0 for Olympiakos due to the tear gas that police used in the clashes outside the stadium with Panathinaikos hooligans and which has spread inside.

The match after the break was not resumed due to big number of pepole who were still on the pitch, running away from tear gas.

Olympiacos were awarded the victory, while Panathinaikos can get fine and lose points.

Panathinaikos released a statement later Sunday, condemning the violence and blaming it on a “handful of disrespectful fans.” It also contended that the referee failed to request the evacuation of the stadium and did not wait long enough before deciding to abandon the game.

Djibril Cisse – a former player and hero of Panathinaikos, he also came to the derby.

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