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Olympique Marseille fans cause troubles in Bilbao 25.02.2016

Europa League: Fight and chaos before kick-off.

After fans of Athletic Bilbao and Olympique Marseille clashed last week in France, we expected something to happen in this return match Thursday evening in Spain.

Different groups from Marseille traveled in big numbers the 850km from Marseille to Bilbao, and before kick-off there has already been several clashes between fans of the two clubs.

Here Marseille lads chased the Athletic Bilbao

Spanish reporter with a hidden camera among the fans of Marseille.

OM vs. cops




Bonus: Cops confiscate stolen flag from Marseille fan


  1. The natives of Marseilles a few cowards, giving him abuse, 15 against one, stealing flags from major gentlemen, tying it for the center 6 hours before, when at this hour the whole world was working, that had waited until an hour before the party since they did in Marseilles.. in numerical equality, they had charged for all the sides, even the a.c.a.b they saved the anus to a group of 60 ultras from the south… In Marseilles you ran and fled as doe rabbits an hour before the party, and in Bilbao you attack a working day 4 hours before the party ….????, juas Juas

  2. Cornudo Simeone

    When your fellow cowards of countrymen attaked a bar in Marseille after the game with Bordeaux supporters you don’t think that’s was a cowardly attack?

    It’s clear to see from the videos who was running like a rabbit in the streets of Bilbao you moron!

    Keep Running Forrest!

    Greetings from Marseille

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