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  1. Haha. Bullshit opinion. Russian cunts came especially to France to fight. Attacking normal English supporters just having some fun. Attacking families and groups with children. Russian hooligans are pathetic, they can only fight 6v1 and only if the one person is drunk. They think they’re tough, when in fact they’re nothing but pussies.

  2. Why am i not seeing any respect from either side anywhere?
    The fact is russia landed with military precision. Fair play to you. Very game and can do a bit. Very tight and compact and organised. Id say on balance you got the result.
    Facts also you didnt have it all your own way. Friday night you landed and got done. Think i read somewhere your lads accepted this. Early saturday you landed and got run under the port (video on youtube). The video above clearly shows you backing england off then england pull it together and run you up the street. I agree theres lots of other videos of you doing and running England. Whats doing my head in nowhere have i seen any russia say fair play. Theres lots of videos showing england standing in ones and twos against big numbers. Its very rare you see this of the russians, this is because when they know they are getting done they move as a unit. To be fair best way to be.
    As for lille seems like a bit of a no show for russia. Whether your lads just werent bothering with this fixture only youknow but fact is england was out hunting for you when technically we werent playing on a/ that day or even the same city. I think the england firm you could have met there would have been a bit more like yourselves with the organisation. All ifs and buts tho. Facts tho it was only russia getting turned over on the wednesday.
    Also for marseille england were having it with the locals as well as marseilles frim. Aint sure if russia was also doing this.
    Another point is russia we massively tooled up and attacking normal fans which dont really happen in england. In russias defence they would have and did attack englands firm. England lads saying they only attacked normal fans is bullshit as we all know and can see them having it with englands firm.
    If youre going to reply with “english dogs” or “you have no honour” dont bother as already read these comments all over youtube

  3. And to be honest, the distributors gave very little thought of
    selling their films to home video.

  4. You know, who regret’s not thought this situation and revence earlier. Course this where real russian hooligans. But the heads of the goverment of Russia, that they didn’t thought at this opportunity……. to fuck the West for there boy-cott etcetera. This was a great chance….. absolutly legal to invate Europe and get away with it….. only fucking 300 hooligans…….. made it 3000 and whole France was fucked up. And no-one would have blame Russia….. they would only blame the hooligans…. Not very smart goverment… I thought you can play Chess very well…… but this was a missed chance!!

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