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Napoli – Dynamo Kiev 23.11.2016

Italy 23.11.2016

Napoli – Dynamo Kiev

This match promised to be very interesting, from the beginning, but as usual, the police had to spoil the fun.

The night before the game (22.11.2016) we had already 2 injured Ukrainians.
They were stabbed. As it later turned out, the wounds were not serious.

In the match day (23.11.2016) to Naples was heading a main group of hooligans from Dynamo Kiev, but they were stopped 40 km before the target by the police.

Hooligans from Kiev were searched and held at the police station until 4 o’clock this morning (24.11.2016) They were not allowed to enter stadium.

The same day before the game Napoli ultras clashed with cops near the Stadio San Paolo. When they waited for the hooligans from Dynamo Kiev.

Dynamo Kiev stopped by cops 40 km from Naples.



Selfie with the cop. 😀


Napoli vs. cops



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