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Lyon – Montpellier 19.10.2014, fan lost his eyesight after a shot in the head by policeman

Virage Sud Lyon: Justice for Lex!

Sunday 19th October, 7:50pm. As he was crossing The Tony Garnier Avenue, Alexandre didnt knew his life would change in a few seconds. This young Lyon partisan, surrounded by families who where just like him going the stadium, got caught by a Flashball bullet 2cm close to his right eye. At that time, fights were beginning between Lyon Montpellier Herault partisans just 100m away from him, near Total Gas station. Alexandre wasnt in it, as the security cameras proves it when some doubted about that. He try to interfere when he saw partisans wanting to harm families. No blow or anything was intended against the policeman. Only words to try and protect innocent families, but it was too much to handle for the police who didnt hesitate to shoot him in the face. Alexandre fell over, bounded by a bullet at the temple.

Since then, Alexandre is in intesive care at the Edouart Herriot Hospital becouse the injury is quite serious and the effects can be rather devastating for the use of his right eye, as the doctors in charge of his health said.

This tragic episode is even more tragic, as Alexandre lost eyesight from his left eye a few years ago after a work accident. So you can understand that this police blunder, that we can only tell it really is police blunder regards of the French law, can change the life of our friend, our brother, our son. Even thought the use of a Flashball is restricted, we recall that the use of this weapon is very controled, the power of it is that strong that the policeman cant shoot up the belt. But this time, we can state that the police doesnt care about the law, which they are the representatives. The doctors are pessimist with the troubles caused by the aggression. At the best, Alexandre will keep half of his right eye’s capacity, and at the worst, he will be totally blind.

Close your eyes for a second and imagine how he will feel becouse of the police blunder… if he becomes blind he wont be able to drive, to work and will never be autonomus again in everyday life.

We would like everyone who saw the scene to let us know every detail at “justicepouralexandre@gmail.com” so as justice to be done for Alexandre.
The partisans are not second rate citizens, we dont ask for more than the law to be applicated.

STOP to the abusive repressive around the stadiums
Stop to the anarchic use of Flashball against french populations
Stop to constant injustice in our society

Justice for Lex!

Virage Sud Lyon

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