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Lauta Army against club’s owner and toto mafia in Lokomotiv Plovdiv

Lokomotiv Plovdiv’s supporters fought 4 years against the owner of the team – Konstantin Dinev. During his management, the club lost many matches with shameful and manipulated results, had doubtful and rumours for set friendly matches and the youth academy was abandoned. The totomafia in Lokomotiv made one of the most faithful supporters in Bulgaria to stand against their club and to make extreme actions.
The team from Plovdiv played dozens matches without fans because of punishments. Last season there are thousands of fines to be payed .

Here are some events from the last football season in Bulgaria. The hooligans of Lokomotiv Plovdiv were very active on and outside the stadium with only one aim – to make Konstantiv Dinev leave the club .

Lokomotiv Plovdiv – Beroe – black-white ultras made a great pyroshow , some of the torches fell on the field. Smoke bombs were used outside the stadium too. The match was suspended for several minutes. A solid fine followed after the game.

Neftohimik Burgas – Lokomotiv Plovdiv – the group called Gott Mit Uns started supporting their team again, but without flags on the fence. On their away match in Burgas this exact group started fighting with the firm which was guarding the stadium. Many seats and part of the fence were broken. Lokomotiv is fined to play 2 matches without audience.

Botev Plovdiv – Lokomotiv Plovdiv – there are only 800 tickets for the symbolic away fans. Lokomotiv supporters jump over the fences and are 2000. Many bombs and stones are thrown between the two teams’ fans before the beginning of the game. Black-white again punished.

Lokomotiv Plovdiv – CSKA Sofia – before the game fans of Loko Plovdiv broke the fence and started a fight with the police. Many bombs are thrown against the away fans. A policeman and a fan of CSKA are injured. Lokomotiv is punished for 3 games and a financial fine.

Lokomotiv Plovidv – Botev Plovidv – the corteo before the local derby was banned for Lokomotiv fans. 50 fans of Lokomotiv attacked Botev corteo with stones and bombs. During the game Lauta Army fought with the police when tried to invade on pitch. The team was fined because of pyrotechnics and many thrown objects on the field.

Beroe Stara Zagora – Lokomotiv Plovdiv – away ultras arrived hours before the game with a train and fought with fans from Stara Zagora outside the stadium. Lokomotiv was fined again for pyrotechnics.

After this game all Lokomotiv groups stopped going to matches until the game with their rival Botev. They suspended the game by throwing bombs on the field. A player from Botev was hit . Botev won with 3:0 and Lokomotiv was warned to be eject from the professional bulgarian league.
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Over 500 Lokomotiv supporters attended the first training of their team this year. They blocked the road to the stadium with cars. The team starts preparation in another town.
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After several days there is a meeting between the fans of Lokomotiv and Konstantin Dinev.

The war between them ends on 8th July. Konstantin Dinev gave the club to the fans. Lauta Army (all Lokomotiv groups – Lauta Hools, Napoletani Ultras Plovdiv and Gott Mit Uns) won the fight against the toto mafia and the modern football. Now there aren’t foreigners and most of the players are from the youth academy.

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