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“Iron Warriors Team” – tournament of hooligans 28.01.2017

In Poznan, held the first edition of the tournament under the name “Iron Warriors Team”
Most teams that participated in the competition, they were, crew of hooligans from Poland. But there were also teams from normal clubs of MMA.
Fighting in this tournament was in the format 2×2. When was a draw, extra time was in the format 1×1
Each team had the 5 warriors. (one in reserve)

In the tournament have been involved:
– Zawisza Bydgoszcz
– Arka Gdynia
– Zaglebie Sosnowiec
– ŁKS Łódz
– MMA club from Sochaczew (a city in central Poland, in Mazowieckie province)
– MMA club from Międzychód (a city in the Wielkopolska province)

First place in the tournament won hooligans from ŁKS Łódz.
Second place Arka Gdynia and third place Zagłębie Sosnowiec.

Photo source “12zawodnik”

Facebook page “Iron Warriors Team”

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