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Interview with the organizer of TFC II – “We currently have a waiting list of 30 teams”

Last weekend (26 July 2014) was another part of the competition TFC (Team Fighting Championship), the second entry.
We have contacted the organizer of the tournament to give us something to say TFC II.

– Which teams participated in the TFC II.?
Organizer: Global Proving Ground Team of New York (USA), Psycho Fans (Chorzow, Poland), Wisemen (Göteborg, Sweden), San-da LPF (Riga, Latvia) and DH ( Minsk, Belarus).

– Who won the tournament?
Organizer: Winners are Psycho fans of Chorzow (Poland), they defeated San-da LPF Riga (Latvia) on the final.

– What has changed compared to the first year?
Organizer: We did it in a new ring, which proved much better.

– Where is TFC II. held?
Organizer: Back where the first TFC, ie in Riga, Latvia.

– You have a lot of requests from groups wishing to attend your event?
Organizer: Currently we have a waiting list of 30 teams from around the world who want to participate TFC.

– What were the reactions to the first year of TFC?
Organizer: Then reactions were 80% positive. It was great media interest in the USA for our action (on TFC II).


Global Proving Ground Team from USA

Psycho Fans Ruch Chorzow is the second team from Poland, who won the TFC. The first edition won LPH from Lech Poznan. The winner also took home this year’s winning Euro 5000.
Psycho Fans in the first knockout stage with DH advice from Minsk (Belarus) and subsequently with the team Wisemen IFK Göteborg. In the finals, the team did not have a chance was San-da LPF Riga (Latvia).
Psycho fans won all matches relatively short and clear, but with the team Wiseman from Sweden made a championship record, winning in 30 seconds. For Team Psycho Fans enrollment of 12 people.


Interview made by faszination-fankurve.de

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