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Interview with Russian hooligan after the riots in Marseille.

Vladimir (Lokomotiv hooligan), who is married and have two children, has returned from the battleground at the European Championship finals in France, and does not care that Uefa have threatened to disqualify Russia.

– ‘Nothing will stop them’ – Many hooligans have little interest in the games and will not care if UEFA disqualifies, he added.

“I think it’s a decision that won’t influence in any way what hooligans do next,” he said. “Nothing will stop these people.”

Vladimir also told that he spent less than 48 hours in Marseille but “saw all the main events and took part to some extent”.
He estimated about 150 of Russia’s strongest hooligans flew to Marseille for the day for the England-Russia match. In total there were 500 to 600 Russian hooligans.

“It doesn’t matter which city fans come from or which team they support. It’s important that we’re all from Russia. We are going to fight the English.”

“The English always say they are the main football hooligans. We went to show that the English are girls,” Vladimir said.

He contrasted Russian hooligans with England fans  — “big older men who drink a lot of beer.”

“Fans or hooligans from Russia are mainly younger, aged 20-30 and at home most of them are into sports. They do sports like boxing or all kinds of martial arts,” he said.

“The aim is to come and prove that English fans aren’t hooligans, they don’t know how to fight. A lot of Russian guys come specially with this aim.”

He stressed that while “the English use chairs and bottles (to fight), the Russian style is only fists.”

Using weapons “causes a lot of unnecessary injuries,” he said. “For us it’s like sport.”

“We don’t have a desire to kill or injure. There is a desire to show our strength.”

He also add:

“If you see a guy wearing a Russian flag or a Russian T-shirt, he’ll never be a hooligan.”

“A hooligan must dress to fit in with the crowd. I wore a shirt, trousers and leather shoes.”

Vladimir said French police were passive during the battles.

“I got the sense it was interesting for them to see the Russians to fight the English. They intervened at the last moment.”

He said he would only go back to see Russia play in the final and predicted that the other matches will be “a lot calmer.”

Lokomotiv Moscow hooligans in Marseille 11.06.2016


Source: Agence France Presse


  1. Eeeh, what? The russians did not use chairs and bottles? In every picture and video from the battles all the russians have chairs and bottles!

  2. England fans are acting like they didn’t do th same thing for 2 days before the Russians came and sorted you out. English hooligans are a bunch of dumb pricks, can’t fight and only will fight when they outnumber you. Typical bullshit from these dumb faggots.

    Hope Russian boys continue to run you about and kick the shit out of you all until the last whistle.

    Much love to Russia from Scotland. Fuck the queen, fuck the monarchy and fuck the UK.

    Long live Russia and Scotland where men are men and not bitches.


    • Attacking families and scarfers….
      Using chairs and weapons in every video we’ve seen….
      Kicking and stamping on heads of men who are out cold.
      You’re just cowards…

      we’ve seen the videos of you running each time you meet a proper firm.

    • You fuckin knob, up the IRA too I suppose, you fuckin inbred scotch prick, I bet the closest you have come to being a hooligan is buying green street on DVDs, pipe down little boy and let the men talk !

    • What do you call 23 men watching the euro’s? that’ll be the scotland squad…….What utter sh*t you talk L, f*ck the scottish u f*cking little cretin,you jocks dont even have a place to comment…you are a clueless moronic waste of human skin,now get back to your crackden u call home and enjoy watching the euro’s without your poxy little country playing in it you mug..

    • Doubt it .. 3725 catergory c hooligans are baned every major tournament, passports handed in and everything. How can you have top boys fighting drinkers? The french started the fights the police and english kept it going but by no means were these hooligans. Real hooligans are extremely organised. The russians know this and are just baiting. You will see at some pint what i mean .. the english were not there!!

    • i assume you wrote this from the comfort of your home, in Scotland…mostly due to the fact scotland didn’t make it to the euros…

      At the end of the day this is a sporting competition, about football, the euros is what it’s about, not these scumbags.

      The english were attacked by Marseille Ultras which was the cause of the trouple, not them attacking families etc. unlike the russians.

      Fuck off scumbag

      ps. i’m not from england, so a neutral party here!

    • U fuckin scottish twats couldnt kick any arse in france cos u aint even good enough to fuckin get their

    • Russians almost out numbered going in fight 5vs1 even 10vs1 but they are strong but dont forget top english hools aren’t even aloud to go to france because they took their pasports if england plays abroad. Russians fight english but are to scared for polish hools

    • The Russian Hooligans are pussies. They only fought against old men and children.
      The guy with the blue hat, who is mentioned in the media as the hardest Hooligan
      looks like a gay coward.

    • Fuck you, you jock prick.

    • Oh a bitter jock who’s country is too shit to get there and thinks attacking women and kids is ok. Still upset you didn’t get the yes vote

    • I’m from Scotland . I support all British teams god save the Queen n fuck the Ira

  3. The problem is that most of England’s hardest hooligans have already been banned from travelling. Let them travel again and we will see who is the hardest. Most of these Russian hooligans have been attacking older men and girls and will not fight against the younger ones.

    • Everyone knows the top boys in the east are the Poles, they laugh st the Ivan gay boys, ohhhh shirts off ladsfucking fairies.

  4. The hooligans of Lok. Moscow are like little girls. They can only fight when they outnumber opponents
    by four or five like the faggots who beat the english guy with red shirt and short. He was beating them
    first then they needed five guys to beat him. Seven or eight Millwall fans have been beating the shit out of those mugs. At home, they do sports and material arts and still they are little pussies. I´ve seen a battle between Zenith hools in white and moscow hools in blue fighting in the snow on Youtube, it looked like little children in the kindergarden.

    • i am the guy in the red shirt all i have is a graze 50 year old i would fight any ov them one to one again i am back up after a couple of minutes and 30 english run them twice i know it looked bad but what is a bit of blood to a soldier l.u.f.c and england 4 ever

  5. Russians fighting fat men and kids. The English lads aren’t there you Russian c#nys because we can’t travel passports to the pigs. Hooligans with gum shields in hahahahahah the Russians are about as clued up as the Scottish you’re nobody’s! One day you’ll have to come to Englnad, some of you won’t leave!

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