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Interview with official from Team-Fighting Championship

Interview with official from Team-Fighting Championship (TFC) which offer a legal stage for Hooligans, Ultras and other football fans, which like to fight for their clubs.

Interviewer: Please tell us something about your tournament?
Team Fighting Championship (TFC): TFC is a group fighting MMA competition facing teams of five fighters from each side.

Interviewer: Can you specify the rules?
TFC: The rules are as close to the real fight as possible – the only things prohibited are headbutts, groin, Adam’s apple and eyes hits and biting. Also there is a limit of weight per team of 500 kg.

Interviewer: Who can participate?
TFC: TFC is open for any team meeting the basic criteria of skills and readiness

Interviewer: Fans from which clubs fought so far?
TFC: TFC is not just a fans project, for certain reasons fans are the most ready teams because as usual they have experience, but we are not limited just to fans. In our initial TFC Event 1 we had teams from Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine.

Interviewer: How about Germany?
TFC: We hope to see a team from Germany in the TFC Event 2.

Interviewer: There are rumors Dresden might send fighters in the future?
TFC: We do not comment on potential participants before the event. All we can say is that we are talking to several teams from Germany.

Interviewer: Do the fighters get money for participating or other goods or travel costs/accommodation?
TFC: We are using the same terms as other MMA competitions, which include transfers, accommodation, medical insurance and a nominal participation fee.

Interviewer: So far, as we know, there were no spectators. Is it planned to go to major arenas or even a big stadium?
TFC: We hope to be big someday and to make our events live.

Interviewer: Fans from participating clubs would definitely be glad to join the show.
TFC: We think that our project has a great potential in terms of interest for the people, so we agree.

Interviewer: Where were the previous tournaments?
TFC: TFC Event 1 was held in Riga, Latvia.

Interviewer: Is it planned to come to Germany?
TFC: Not for the moment.

Interviewer: Has the sport potential to be shown on TV?
TFC: Not tomorrow but we are sure that someday TFC will be on TV.

Interviewer: Your videos look quite professional. Tell us something about the structure behind the event.
TFC: TFC is an international group of people who are professionals in various areas of business. Our main idea is to make a good product for people and we hope that you would like our next videos even more.

Lech Poznan und IFK:

Sparta Prag – Mykolajiw (Ukraine):

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